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One of our best sellers is our triple scented one ounce wax tarts. Our tarts are hand-poured in small batches and scented to the max our wax will hold. Our tarts are extremely fragrant!! One tart will easily scent a large room and in some cases the entire level of your home. The fragrance will easily last through 15 hours of burn time, some scents may last even longer.








Our standard one ounce scented wax tarts will fit comfortably into most brands of electric or tea light tart warmers. Tarts are individually shrink wrapped and fragrance labeled (as shown in photo on the left). Tarts are available in all of our fragrances.

Single Tarts are just $1.50

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12 Tarts

$13.00 Assortment

$12.00 All one scent


24 Tarts

$24.00 Assortment

$22.00 All one scent

36 Tarts

$36.00 Assortment

$32.00 All one scent

50 Tarts

$46.00 Assortment

$42.00 All one scent

Scented Wax Kibble™ tarts

Brown Bag Candles' triple scented Wax Kibble™ is perfect for use in tart/oil warmers that have smaller bowls. Just a few pieces can fragrance a medium size room.

6 oz. Bag Wax Kibble™ $7.50

12 oz. Bag Wax Kibble™ $14.00

Break-Away Melts™

Break-away Melts

Our Break-Away Melts™ are another great way to fragrance your home or office. Just pop a square or two into a tart warmer and enjoy. Use a little or as much wax as you would like then store the rest in the handy container until next time.

Be creative!! Try mixing two, three different scented squares to create your own unique blends!.

Break-Away Melts™ $3.25 ea.

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For a limited time purchase 10 of our Break-Away™ Melts and receive a "FREE" tea light style tart burner and 8 tea light warming candles.

Click on the button below to choose your 10 fragrances for this special offer.

10 Break-Away Melts™ $32.50

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Bountiful Harvest™ Melts

Our Bountiful Harvest™ Melts are 50% larger than our regular tarts. Each Bountiful Harvest™ Melts weighs nearly 1.5 ounces. Each melt is richly scented with coordinating fruits and spices. BrownBag® Bountiful Harvest™ Melts are available in 3 awesome fragrance combinations.

Tarts are individually shrink wrapped.

Bountiful Harvest® tart melts

Very Berry

Very Berry: A blend of sweet, ripe berries; strawberries, blueberries and raspberries all nestled in a pie crust scented shell topped with a sweet berry scented glaze..

$2.50 Add to cart

Apple Cinnamon: Deliciously sweet apple slices and fresh cinnamon sticks fill this pie crust scented shell and to top it off a rich cinnamon apple scented glaze brings it all together.

$2.50 Add to cart

Pumpkin -n- Spice: Adorable mini-pumpkins richly scented with our own blend of homemade pumpkin pie & autumn spices nestled in a sweet pie crust scented shell.

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You are sure to enjoy the aroma our life-like citrus section tarts. Each generous bag includes approx. 16 tarts. Place one or two tarts in your warmer and enjoy. Fragrances include: Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Fresh Squeezed Oranges, and Raspberry Lemonade (shown in photo).

6 oz. package $7.50 Cart

12 oz. package $13.50 Cart


Mini pumpkin tart image

A Fall Favorite!

Our Mini-Pumpkins tarts are cute as pie. Each Mini-Pumpkin weighs nearly one ounce and is scented to the max with your choice of fragrance!

Mini-Pumpkins are fragrance labeled and come packaged in a clear cello bag.

Package of 12 $14.00 Cart



CLEARANCE tarts and tart warmers!!

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